What To Expect & FAQ

Learning, Growing… Blossoming Children

Sessions usually start with an introduction to the day at our ‘fire circle’ - the hub of our site. From there, groups break into activities such as woodland crafts, mud play, games, den-building and fire-making. Campfire cookery is a favourite activity, from baking bread to pop corn, and sometimes just a simple, toasted marshmallow!

Usually we take a break mid-session for a snack and a drink.

Sessions end back at the fire circle, when the group has an opportunity to share and reflect on their experiences.


What age children do we work with?

We can work with children from the age of 2 up to 18, although currently we are working mainly with the primary school age group (5 to 12 years). The age of the children attending is a deciding factor on the activities we run.

How many children can attend sessions?

We can have up to 15 children at sessions, however, participants receive more benefits in smaller groups i.e. when there’s a higher ratio of children to adults. There’s no minimum limit to the numbers of children attending, although our fees will remain the same. We’re happy to advise on what we think will work best for your school, given your learners needs.

How long are sessions?

Usually, children come for a half day i.e. 2/3 hours, however, we can organise full day sessions if needed.

What do participants need to bring to sessions?

Come prepared for the weather - extra layers, GOOD waterproofs (jackets and trousers), spare clothes, welly boots (a must as there is a stream). Children can also bring a snack and a drink for the mid session break.

There are ticks on our site so please ensure that children wear long trousers and long sleeve tops.

What is CIC in Forestpathways CIC?

CIC stands for Community Interest Company, this means that while we are a limited company we have a special designation that means that we are solely for community benefit. A CIC’s assets are locked which means they can’t be sold (apart from to another CIC or charity.) Also, any profit has to be reinvested into the CIC. The benefit of a CIC is that it is possible to apply for funding from a range of sources, including from charitable organisations.